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Here at the tradesmans directory, we are the number one location for finding trusted and professional tradesmen from all over the UK. We specialise in listing local tradesmen who work in smaller areas o the UK, but make sure we list them all over, sp that any potential users of this directory are able to find a trusted and local tradesmen, no matter what area of the Uk they are in.

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Featured listings not only place your company at the head of the page within the TOP 3 companies in a particular area, but also includes a link to your very own profile page over a 1 month or 12 month subscription period. This service is restricted. We will only allow 3 priority listings per area. THEY ARE SELLING FAST !!!

Example featured listing:

Example Featured Listing

example street, example town, example county, EX2M 91E

0843 2273570

Priority Listing

Example normal listing:

SCM Building Contractors Ltd

Hartfield, Hartfield, East Sussex, TN7 4LB

As you can see from the image the featured listing gives more information about the business and courses; it is also placed at the top of your area; thus giving you far more exposure and will give you the best possible chance of being contacted as your listing will be first business displayed.

If you would like to purchase a featured listing please contact us on: 0843 2273570 and quote ref: #tradesman firms to discuss how you can be top of your town/city/county (and stay there) TODAY !!!

You also recieve a dedicated page that dispays your full description and course details.

Amendments to existing featured listings

If you already have a featured listing and wish to change any of the details then please call us on 0843 2273570 or email and we will make the necessary changes for you.